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The twin flame fusion of the souls

The symbiosis

The ultimate phase of the twin flame reconnection process corresponds to the energetic fusion of the souls.

It’s a marvellous phenomenon, gentle and strong in terms of spirituality and unconditional love.

  • This phase is only possible once each person in the soul couple has evolved independently after the separation during the dark night of the soul.

  • This phase is not necessarily a physical union, social or loving. It’s a real soul connection.

  • I can visualise shiny, golden light when this phenomenon is happening.Spiral 1037508 1280

The two people energies intertwine each other

They marry each other in a twirl of Light and Love.

The recording of the song “There comes a time” by Celine Dion depicts in my opinion the atmosphere and emotion that I felt when we were having our fusion of the soul encounters with my twin.  

There comes a time 
In everybody's life 
When alone is not enough 
To make things right 
There comes a time 
When we need to ask for help 
When you're lost and just not strong enough 

To make it through the night 
When your love is on the frontline... 

Let me be your soldier

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