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The meeting : a shock for the souls !

The Meeting: A shock for the souls!

The meeting of twin flames

It is intense whilst very gentle at the same time as it was natural

For the Chaser, the awake twin, the shock is huge as they straight away recognise their twin, twin flame, their “other self”. They immediately see the true personality of their twin flame. The runner, does not realise the strength of this love nor the power of the link. The runner nonetheless perceives this unique relationship as something obvious. 


In my case, as I am the runner, I felt very comfortable whilst around the gorgeous and shy colleague.

Although I always keep my distance physically with people surrounding me however, I was allowing him to be close to me. He is tactile with everybody. He has a short social distance. His shyness towards me was especially noticeable in his words and he was reserved towards me. Later, I realised that the image he projected to others was not that one at all but rather an image of a flirt and a party guy! As for me, I first saw him as shy whilst tactile. I realise that he had been paralysed because of me although he was not displaying any signs of course. He set a distance between us straight from the start. As I did not know him, it took me a very long time to understand that his behaviour towards me was not his usual ways. I understood what he hides very deep: his shyness towards women. 

The fusion between the twins is always fluid and obvious. The souls immediately recognise each other whilst the protagonists’ mental doesn’t understand what is happening and this way allows for things to take place. The chaser is then overwhelmed by love and the runner by a sensation of wellbeing. This magic moment is not going to last, the next stage is awaiting the twin flames: the stage of the separation that I will be exploring in the article “the separation phase”.


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