The dark night of the soul

An emotional Tsunami

The dark night of soul is a period of time where every belief of the present and past lives, being psychological, professional family related are questioned by the twin flames.

The soul has memorised traumas, fears and joys. During this phase, they are brought back to the surface one after the other because the shock caused by the loss of the twin revives these wounds. As soon as one scar has healed, another one comes up. When doing a reading for someone in this phase, I always have a flash of this image of a washing machine drum on “spinning program”!

I have recently had Nadia* a young lady for a reading who found out during Hypnosis sessions that her actual torments were linked to a dark night of the souls in a previous life. 

She couldn’t stand the loss of her double and the wave of suffering that ensued. 

She then committed suicide. Nowadays, she is overweight and cannot shed the weight. She describes her weight as a mask. Using my medium gift, I could observe the link between this suicide, the intense pain of this dark night and the word “mask”. This mask is a protection against the deep, uncontrollable and physical pain.

I could see that her suicide was still a trauma fuelled by a feeling of shame.

Indeed, in some culture, people who committed suicide were not buried with the other deceased and were denied religious burials. Shame came upon the families of the deceased. Nadia is also hiding in her present life because of this shame. My skills as a medium to support the journey of twin flames helped her to understand these various aspects. She is therefore going to treat this little “file” before she can tackle the end of her Dark Night of the soul. This is a judicious way of dealing with it as having healed everything beforehand, this strong pain will be washed away quickly.  

Her objective is to be psychologically strong enough to face this past pain. 

In her present life, she progressively deals with all the little files (family, professional, spiritual, psychological…). She is dedicated and patient when dealing with it. More importantly, she does not reject this link which is helping her. Indeed, if a twin soul refuses this link and to work on themselves, they will feel progressively worse. 

The soul is stubborn and determined!

Even more so with twin flames also called “Siamese souls”!

If one of the twins does not want to work on themselves, the other one will make it react even unconsciously! The dark night of the soul is a compulsory phase…

 *The name was modified 

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