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The runer in the twin flame

The runner is the twin who does not realise they are in a very special relationship.

They realise it after a very long time and often, they have a kind of amnesia when it comes to their love. At first, he/she is not conscious of the power of this love. However, he/she is at ease with his/her flame (they don’t refer to them as flame though). He/she is comfortable and trusting but without naming this feeling. They have never felt a love like that, yet they do not question it. It feels natural and gentle. I am the runner in my twin flame relationship. The way I express my love is through gentleness and beauty, especially in an artistical manner. For years, I was sending my twin numerous artistical pictures of landscapes without ever questioning why I had that urge to send them to him. At the moment, I send him poems which you can find on this website by clicking on the link “Poems”.

When the mask falls

The runner's silence