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The chaser and the Feminine polarity in the process of twin flame

In this twin flame process, the chaser is the first one to awaken.

The chaser realises from the start the strength of the link while his partner, the runner does not perceive it. The chaser gets his twin soul in all its beauty despite the false-self of the latter.

Some people prefer to use the words “Feminine” for the Chaser or “Masculine” for the runner. Personally, I prefer to use the Chaser and runner names in order to prevents the belief that the chaser is always the woman. 

This comes from the fact that in most known cases it is the case. The ladies chasers communicate a lot more than the male chasers.

Indeed, the ladies chaser due to their education will talk about their love and will express their emotions more easily. The male chasers will tend to express it less. No need to say this is a generality as there could well be a taciturn lady chaser and an outgoing man chaser… nonetheless, the education of boys and girls lead to this type of behaviour.

I am personally a runner and a woman, extremely communicative. I have my own “Coaching” blog. I communicate about my experience which is usually quite rare in the case of flames. The fact that I am the runner explains why I do post few articles on this blog…

I forget!

I have amnesia !

I write a lot about very different topics:

Ecology, cooking recipes, minimum waste, medium, insurances, banks…

And then I remember and will write again to then go back into forgetting, sometimes for months.

To sum it up:

As I am the runner in this pair, according to therapists:

I am the masculine polarity while being a woman!

My chaser the feminine polarity while being a man…


I suspect he would not like it as he is a bit of a macho man, but we won’t tell him! It’s a secret!

Chaser / Runner 

It’s a lot simpler


© Maryâm Yan 


15 April 2019

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