The chaser in twin flame

The chaser is the first twin to realise the importance of the link and of the other twin.

For him, the link with the flame is natural even though they cannot describe it.

  1. They quickly see the strength and the power of the link. Therefore, they tend to “follow” their flame or twin soul, while trying to contain this relationship in a “frame”. Indeed, the chaser often has a particularity:

The chaser controls his life, his emotions and his twin flame.

His/her runner however, unconsciously will not let him/herself be controlled. They are going to escape one way or another hence the use of the word runner. 

According to Fabien Marchand et Denis Mourizard et Anais Doussot in their book “Flamme Jumelle” (Twin Flame) De la gemelite a l’uncite p132 “the chaser received a coherent education form both his parents (…). They usually have a clear vision of what is needed in their lives to succeed […] career, financial autonomy, recognition.”

The chaser is restricted by limiting beliefs and attaches a great dal of importance to material things. This is the reason why he wants to put his flame in a box. 

I have a comical and revealing anecdote regarding a friend of mine that illustrate this behaviour for numerous chasers. Two friends of mine (both ladies chasers) explained to me recently that they had for habit to stock pile food:

  • 2 big freezers full of food

  • Cupboards overflowing with provisions

  • 3 spare packets of coffee ….

Since they have met their flame and started the work on themselves, they change their behaviour in a very natural manner. One of them goes shopping every other day and has stopped squirrelling away and the other one has very nearly avoided running out of toilet paper!

Generally, a chaser will privilege his career, his bank account and will struggle to not control their life even in the twin flame process. They will be very dynamic and will expect their runner to bend to either their rhythm or their life module.