What's a twin flame ?

Twin flame is a spiritual believe. It is a divine couple with a shared spiritual mission of the soul.

It is one unique soul which was divided from the start. It was split to enter two different bodies. These two souls have met regularly in past lives but have always been separated in tragic ways. This belief requires that reincarnation does exist.

There are also souls that are split in three. It is in this context that Eternal Flames appear. This phenomenon is extremely rare but real as I experience it. It is paramount to remind oneself that this adventure is spiritual and paradoxically the path is taken separately after the separation of the twins. The Chaser, the one who chases or is awake and the Runner the one who tries to escape and is sleepy. In the case of an Eternal Flame, the path is slightly different whilst being even more spiritual. The challenges are greater however, the outcome more intense.