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How to manage the time when we are twin flame?

… It’s a big task!

  • Time management is headache for everyone. What should come first? Our Professional life? Our family? Our relationship? Our hobbies? … But within the twin flame process, you will have to plan time for yourself. 

  • It is crucial, you will not escape it.

  • However, the spiritual development requires time!

  • We all know the saying: “Time is money”…

  • Unless you are a billionaire…sacrifices will have to be made in order to juggle all aspects of life.

  • It is best to plan for it.

  • Many years ago, I bought a book about time management. For years I knew that I had that book on my shelves. It is as if it comforted me or even stopped me from feeling guilty! Yet, I had not read it, just flicked through it. Nonetheless, just the action of putting it away on my shelves in my lounge gave me the satisfaction of a job done!

  • As I am in a twin flame process, after having modified various aspects of my life, the next step is occupational retraining. I am therefore “not going to waist anymore time” and finally read this book, in order to free time. 

Image by ecurity de Pixabay

  • In this module, I will include practical cards on time management for people who are in a phase of spiritual development.