Toolbox for flame twin


  • How to manage the time when we are twin flame?

    … It’s a big task!

    • Time management is headache for everyone. What should come first? Our Professional life? Our family? Our relationship? Our hobbies? … But within the twin flame process, you will have to plan time for yourself. 

    • It is crucial, you will not escape it.

    • However, the spiritual development requires time!

    • We all know the saying: “Time is money”…

    • Unless you are a billionaire…sacrifices will have to be made in order to juggle all aspects of life.

    • It is best to plan for it.

    • Many years ago, I bought a book about time management. For years I knew that I had that book on my shelves. It is as if it comforted me or even stopped me from feeling guilty! Yet, I had not read it, just flicked through it. Nonetheless, just the action of putting it away on my shelves in my lounge gave me the satisfaction of a job done!

    • As I am in a twin flame process, after having modified various aspects of my life, the next step is occupational retraining. I am therefore “not going to waist anymore time” and finally read this book, in order to free time. 

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    • In this module, I will include practical cards on time management for people who are in a phase of spiritual development.

  • Spiritualty at the heat of twin flame

    Spirituality is at the heart of the twin flame journey.

    Indeed, the aim of the meeting is the fusion of their souls.


    However, this fusion will only take place if each one of the protagonists has cleared all his fears, flaws, pride and social determinisms. This journey is long, tiring and unsettling. 

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    In parallel with this psychological, philosophical and sociological work, the discovery of a new spirituality is going to take place. 

    This is not about the discovery of a new doctrine nor a new religion, but rather the fact that all the life’s decisions and actions are at one with the soul. Yet, this is not that simple as the soul goes against the norms, the values instilled since childhood by our family, religion, society in general. At the moment, my soul guides me towards a new life without any clear vision. My cartesian spirit is questioning an awful lot and raises numerous problems. I know by experience that the more I allow myself to trust my soul, the simpler my life is.  

    Here is a situation that arose last week: I had a lot of insecurity regarding my financial situation. I knew for a long time that I had to change job, but I didn’t know how I would find the means to go into a new unknown activity. On top of that my health did not allow me to go back to my actual job. I must admit that I was very worried, when a very good friend of mine drop by unexpectedly. While chatting, she said: “I know sometimes, doors open up and we don’t even know they exist. We must trust ourselves.” Since that day, unexpected professional and financial opportunities have just appeared from nowhere. 


    Since then, I take a moment every day to connect with my soul to review the practical aspect of my daily life. I visualise a pink light at my solar plexus level. I calm down my spirit by refraining to think, then a beautiful white light appears. At that moment, I have a thought that comes to my mind, a reply from my soul, from God in a way for people who believe. Before, when I connected myself to my soul, I used to ask spiritual, philosophical or love questions but I never thought of asking pragmatic ones.     

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  • Influence of past life in twin flame

    The past lives leave traces in the soul’s memory and influence our choices and reactions when facing problems.

    The main difficulty is to identify those traces in our journey.

    Malou Van Steen’s book “Free yourself from your Karma” explains precisely this point of view and I would encourage you to read it.

    I know this author personally. I met her at the beginning of my evolution towards spirituality and mediumnity. She coached me daily for two years. She also introduced me to the existence of past lives, concept that I was unaware of. Then she explained to me how our present life is influenced by those past lives. 

    She provided me with regression therapy sessions on my past lives and I must admit that I was then able to place a few pieces of the puzzle.

  • Importance of psychology in twin flame

    Psychology is a central piece in the twin flame process.

    First of all, what do we mean by “psychology”?

    • It is the study of temperament and behaviours of individuals according to the conditions of the environment. It is worth noting that etymologically, psychology means science of the soul… which is particularly interesting in the case of twin flames!

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    • Why is it so important to look at the psychological aspect and to consult a therapist if needed in the case of twin flames?
    • Simply because the meeting between the twins generates such an emotional tsunami, a complete rethink of all the social and family pillars. This involves a shake-up of the personality. The twins often feel that the ground gives way under their feet, that all their markers disappear and that their world literally collapses. I expressed this discomfort in the poem “the emptiness”.