• The nothinggness

    Nothingness under my feet,

    My landmarks shy away

    My World collapses


    Laisser faire. 

    Accept it

    Let it go


    Maryam Yan ‚Äč 28th October 2018- Le Néant

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  • The mountain

    The vastness 

    The infinite tiny,

    The peak so far away, inaccessible,

    The way abrupt, steep…

    One step at the time,

    One year, one month,

    The peak is taking shape,


    One breath at the time,

    One week, one day,

    The peak reveals itself,


    One take at the time, 

    One hour, one minute,

    The peak shies away,

    One last effort,

    With the best will,

    It’s a victory!

    The landscape,

    The colours,

    Air in the lungs,

    The wind,

    The cold.

    The joy,


    The pride,

    The wholeness.

    The vastness,

    The infinite tiny…


    Maryam Yan, 4th October 2018


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