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  • When the mask falls

    The twin flame process leads each flame of the couple to work on their flaws.

    The runner has a characteristic of having a very developed false-self*. They have hidden their true personality behind a mask. Very often, the runner has numerous acquaintances, but their relations are superficial. 

    In this article, I am going to recount the way this mask fell regarding the fondling that took place during my early childhood. The meeting with my twin trigger it to all come back to the surface. I am actually going to write a book on this topic to recount and help other people. 

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  • Today, big confusion

    I must make a big decision…

    I do not know what to choose…

    In order to see more clearly, I am looking at this picture that represents so clearly the link of Love between us two.I see more clearly

    Now, I know that I must choose to write...

    Maryam Yan 13th May 2019

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  • Writing


    Writing appeases me and takes me away…

    For a long time, I felt I did not belong in that role, so I used to hide to write little things, like a thief. I used to mainly write to people close to me, using this correspondence as an excuse in order to enjoy this pleasure.  


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