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The runner's silence

I am very aware that I am quiet with this blog at the moment.

I am writing this post to clarify this feeling. I reject this blog, but not my chaser that I love above everything. 

For instance, this morning when I first woke up, he is the first person I thought of and tonight he will be the last…but something stronger prevents me from contacting him or writing on this blog.



This period of separation and silence in the twin flame relationship enables the chaser to let go and that way brake some deeply embedded determinisms whilst the runner clarifies his ideas and breaks his false-self. As I am the runner, I walk by the see shore to free myself and at the same time listen to my deepest needs. My life and thoughts get organised and progressively, my priorities become clearer.  


One thing is for certain:

“I love you my gorgeous brown-haired man”!

Maryam Yan  20th august 2018

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