• The nothinggness

    Nothingness under my feet,

    My landmarks shy away

    My World collapses


    Laisser faire. 

    Accept it

    Let it go


    Maryam Yan ‚Äč 28th October 2018- Le Néant

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  • When the mask falls

    The twin flame process leads each flame of the couple to work on their flaws.

    The runner has a characteristic of having a very developed false-self*. They have hidden their true personality behind a mask. Very often, the runner has numerous acquaintances, but their relations are superficial. 

    In this article, I am going to recount the way this mask fell regarding the fondling that took place during my early childhood. The meeting with my twin trigger it to all come back to the surface. I am actually going to write a book on this topic to recount and help other people. 

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  • Today, big confusion

    I must make a big decision…

    I do not know what to choose…

    In order to see more clearly, I am looking at this picture that represents so clearly the link of Love between us two.I see more clearly

    Now, I know that I must choose to write...

    Maryam Yan 13th May 2019

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  • Writing


    Writing appeases me and takes me away…

    For a long time, I felt I did not belong in that role, so I used to hide to write little things, like a thief. I used to mainly write to people close to me, using this correspondence as an excuse in order to enjoy this pleasure.  


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  • Morning assault

    One dark morning during winter 2016, I had an extraordinary encounter.

    That morning started off as normal and routine for a mother. I had just dropped my daughter off at college and was driving towards the high school when, all of a sudden, the face of a dark-haired lady with hatred in her eyes appeared. This wasn’t a psychic flash, nor the face of a wandering soul. This was the face of someone reincarnated that was staring at me with raging and terrifying hatred. This woman was looking for me in order to destroy me… what a way to start the day!

    We stared each other straight in the eyes and I immediately realised that I was in an unprecedented and terrifying situation. In insight, I realise that my reaction was extraordinary because of its dazzling speed and strength. Indeed, if I had to illustrate it, I would use the image of a dual where the duellist who pulls the trigger first stands the best chance to win. That is exactly what I did. I literally bombarded her with energy. This flow was coming out of my body with an unfathomable strength for about two minutes if I refer to the journey. This situation was intense as I had to be vigilant with my driving. Little by little, I could see her blurring away until she disappeared completely. I instinctively understood that I needed to build a very powerful spiritual protection before she could regain strength and find me. 

    Instinct made me react quickly and efficiently.

    I realised that this was a woman from twin’s family or more precisely from his wife’s circle. Presumably, black magic had been used before the wedding and this person was keeping her eyes peeled for me. But the twin flame link was becoming increasingly bright and powerful as perceived by the mediums.

    Maryam Yan  28th October 2018

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  • The mountain

    The vastness 

    The infinite tiny,

    The peak so far away, inaccessible,

    The way abrupt, steep…

    One step at the time,

    One year, one month,

    The peak is taking shape,


    One breath at the time,

    One week, one day,

    The peak reveals itself,


    One take at the time, 

    One hour, one minute,

    The peak shies away,

    One last effort,

    With the best will,

    It’s a victory!

    The landscape,

    The colours,

    Air in the lungs,

    The wind,

    The cold.

    The joy,


    The pride,

    The wholeness.

    The vastness,

    The infinite tiny…


    Maryam Yan, 4th October 2018


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  • The runner's silence

    I am very aware that I am quiet with this blog at the moment.

    I am writing this post to clarify this feeling. I reject this blog, but not my chaser that I love above everything. 

    For instance, this morning when I first woke up, he is the first person I thought of and tonight he will be the last…but something stronger prevents me from contacting him or writing on this blog.



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  • I want to forgot about you !

    I want to forget about you. I am scared. It scares the hell out of me, because I love you and when I see you, it brings up terrifying turmoil. I would like to feel rested, calm, structured, but every time I am in this state of mind, I spend my time:

    Bump into people we both know. Just by coincidence, all of a sudden everybody I pass or contacts me know you.

    Meet people who bear similarities with you, physical or else.

    See the name of your business everywhere.

    Anyway, I feel chased… everything brings me back to you. 

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