This mysterious concept may appear poetic to some, possibly eccentric to other, but once someone is personally faced with it is like an emotional tsunami that shakes everything in its path. 

It’s the aim!

I will share with you my research on the subject as well as my practical advice in the “my tool box” for twin flames.

In order to share my findings on the subject, I run conferences and workshops. Should you want to find out about where and when they take place, please subscribe to the newsletter.

My wish is to spend my time teaching to as many people as possible, therefore I no longer provide one to one readings nor coaching for medium who think they might be on this path. 

This wasn’t my aim at first, however I realised that well-known clairvoyant and psychic websites can capitalise on people’s fragility by selling them the twin flame “notion” whilst keeping them suffering and dependant.

The objectives of this blog, my workshops and conferences are:

  • Enable you to be independent

  • Help you to find the key within yourself

  • Support you in the path to discover your true self.

  • I want to be my lover’s mistress, not his wife!

    As I am the runner, I run away from my mission. I am very attracted to my twin, but I don’t want to marry him nor look after his children.  This is not because I don’t like his children, (I don’t know them) nor that I don’t like children in general (I love them). My twin doesn’t want me just as his mistress, he wants me whole or not at all. As he is married, for him it’s not at all, however, he tries to make me jealous and to make me love his kids. I have a whole collection of pictures of his kids, especially the youngest daughter who cracks me up. He gave them to me…


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  • I love you more than anything but...

    Love letter to my chaser:


    What a story…….. my dear love. Something tremendous, extraordinary, divine, gentle, powerful and intense is happening to us. 

    I didn’t realise at first, that’s the least we could say. Straight from the start, I felt at ease with you. This is clear, not a loving feeling, but rather gentle tenderness. For instance, I would let you enter my social distance, even though I am quite an introvert. On top of that, you are the type of man that I am not usually attracted to. The kind I normally runaway from…


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